Taking Back Justice Television

Giving the Innocent a Fighting Chance

We believe that Taking Back Justice Reality Television is the NEXT STEP in reality television.  We expose  corruption in the system or changes that need to be made and you, the audience have an opportunity to effect social change by becoming Politically and Judicially proactive.  Please check out the Talking Back Justice Television pages

Taking Back Justice is not your ordinary crime drama.  Instead of Police, Prosecutors and the Legal System going after criminals, we focus on ordinary people, wrongfully accused and charged who are fighting back and taking back Justice.  We are the next step in reality television.  In addition to posting court pleadings on this website, we empower and excite our audience to participate in the Judicial and Electoral process to help affect change.  If we can't change the laws, we can change the lawmakers. 

You have the power.  Judges, Prosecutors, Police, Politicians & Government officials are OUR servants;  not the other way around. 

Taking Back Justice Reality Television

Taking Back Justice's Mission