Taking Back Justice - 2017 - Advocacy Agenda 

Prisons for Profit:  18 Months in the Life of the Nations first Prison Sold for Profit

  • We believe all police and government officials need to record any interview, action or arrest if it is to be considered as part of a legal proceeding.  Information coming soon.

Private Prisons in the U.S.A. Make Big Profits

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Empowering People to Make a Difference!

We support three key initiatives that are restorative in nature.  They are Jury Nullification, Bring Back the Functional Grand Jury and Taking away Immunity from Judges. Restoring all three will return ethics, honesty and fairness to our Judicial system.  We also support revamping Police Commissions so they are civilian controlled and the use of body cams by law enforcement.  Please read the fascinating histories on how these fundamental foundations to a proper functioning constitutional democracy were perverted and destroyed and how we can change them.  The land of the free was never intended to be a for profit incarceration nation.

Taking Back Justice Legislative and Advocacy Agenda

Taking Back Justice - 2017 - Legislative Agenda

Alabama State House - Montgomery Alabama

The birth place of American Civil Rights

  • We want Prisons for Profits to end.  We want them to be illegal as they are in the sole business of manufacturing and retaining criminals for profit.  The lawmakers that support private prisons and take political contributions should be removed from office.
  • We believe all police commissions should be 100% civilian controlled with the power to hire, fire and immediately discipline officers without political interference.  Same with semi-judicial and government bodies with the power to arrest and charge.