Giving the Innocent a Fighting Chance

This is why we need Citizen Controlled police Commissions and Body Cams.  The policeman lied saying Walter grabbed his taser and no one administered first aid at the scene.  They serve and protect themselves and people die.

5 Rules for Recording Police courtesy of

Recording the Police and Law Enforcement Officials


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Shooting of Walter Scott.  Policeman charged with Murder thanks to  filming the Police

This is another good example why EVERYONE should record the Police; Perjury!

Know the regulations in your Jurisdiction below (Coming Soon) and check out our TBJ Store

Recording the Police has made a difference between an unarmed man being shot in the back for no reason and a policeman going to jail such as in the Shooting of Walter Scott


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Cop Block  Almost two dozen downloadable Apps and most of them are free.  Highly Recommended!

Here  is an article on 4 Apps to Record the Police from Newsmax Magazine.

Police Accountability:  Last Week with John Oliver

Police Brutality; Recording the Police is Dangerous, but often Necessary

Apps for Recording the Police

Here is an article on Apps to record Police from Wired Magazine

We highly recommend everyone have an app to record the police in the event they are illegally stopped or witnessed to police illegal behavior

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