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  1. Contribute to our Crowd Funding Campaign
  2. Tell your friends about Taking Back Justice and our Taking Back Justice Reality Television Show.  Share the Links
  3. Post our pages on applicable Blogor post on our Blog
  4. Start your own blog to help support us
  5. Write for us about legal & political issues in your State and Province
  6. Support our Legislative initiativesas well as bring them to your State or Province
  7. Become a Netizen Lobbyist political activist
  8. Spread the word about Jury Nullification
  9. Push for a citizen controlled police commission in your area
  10. Start influencing nominations, primaries and elections or run for office
  11. Practice Taking Back Justice buy supporting or duplicating our Cases to Watch
  12. Sponsor Community Events to help raise awareness for Taking Back Justice, important cases and legal action,and political action to influence nominations, primaries and elections