Episode 1 – How to Sue the Police and Public Officials
We show the growing movement on how anyone can sue police and public officials for violating their constitutional rights.  The viewer will understand winning strategies they and others can employ when their civil rights are abused. 

Episode 2 – How to Sit on  Jury & Jury Nullification
Did you know that Jurors have more power the Judge and can can find a defendant innocent, even if they believe they are guilty if they do not believe in the Law?   Did you know that many Jury Instructions given by a Judge are not only unconstitutional but represent fraud?  We explore the movement to educate and restore Jury rights and educate prospective Jurors of the power they have that Judges not only keep secret but will remove a Juror if it becomes known they understand their power. 
See our proposed Jury Nullification legislation.In Pre-Production

     Episode 3 – Bring Back  The Grand  System – How and Why it was Stolen from You
Before 1906, anyone could petition for a Grand Jury to indict anyone.  Today, this is only available in three jurisdictions. In theory, if President Obama has not pardoned Hillary Clinton, and Congress does not keep their oath, there could be a petition by citizens to the Southern District of New York to indict Hillary Clinton who resided (including her personal server) in the district to demonstrate the power and deficiencies of the Grand Jury system.  If the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of Congress will not keep their Oaths and do their jobs, then it is up to the ultimate power.  The people.  We are not short of potential cases to demonstrate this little known statute. We focus on the history of the Grand Jury, how to site on a Grand Jury and how they have become corrupted.

Episode 4 – Illegal Foreclosures
There are judges in the land that allow mortgage companies and banks to foreclose on a house even though they do not have legal title.   We look as three Ohio Judges that ignore the law and constitutional & civil rights of people who illegally have their houses seized.  This action will likely be a RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act) against all the players.  See
Cases to watch in Ohio to stay tuned.

Episode 5 – Wrongful ArrestsPeople as Product for the Law Enforcement, Judicial and Prison Industry
We look at quotas, mass arrests despite falling crime statistics.  We follow the money from police padding their pay and pensions to the growing prison industrial complex.  We also look at ways to Arrest Proof yourself an your family from wrongful arrests including recording the police and practices that expose those who see people as product to further their careers.

Episode 6 – Out of Control Judges!  Taking back their Immunity
 Did you know that Judges gave themselves immunity, not the legislatures?  We focus on Judges that habitually ignore the constitution, the facts and the law and serve the 1%.  Is there anything we can do with a Judge who believes their job is to fill the prisons for those who appointed them and their Prison Industrial Complex financiers?  There are little know strategies to remove a sitting out of control judge.   Plus we look at some cases that never should have happened including a Murder Case in Montgomery, Alabama. 
In Pre-Production.

Episode 7 – Land Pirates and Forfeiture
Watch as Law Enforcement officials steal from both the rich and the poor and take for themselves.  And  although it is all unconstitutional it is supported by our elected officials and watch how this ill gotten money is used and abused to confiscate property and those who are doing something about it.

Episode 8 – Election Officials and the Judiciary – How it is supposed to work
Any congressman can question any judge right up to a member of the Supreme Court and make them explain their actions as well as calling for their impeachment or arrest.  Learn why this never happens and how our elected representatives have failed us

Episode 9 – Legal Bribes – Election Laws for the 1%
See how our elected officials guarantee the status quo and how change can never happen by legislating dominance to their contributors over the people

Episode 10 –  Ruled by Politicians in Robes
 We focus on how one partisan Judge chose the President of the United States despite the fact he did not have Jurisdiction and never cited any case law or reasoning.  We show how judges, in many instances are more powerful than the President and how constitutional safeguards are ignored.  Understand why the battle over the Supreme Court of the United States is often viewed more important than the battle to elect a President of the United States.  See
Top Ten Racist Decisions of the SCOTUS.

          Episode 11 – Squeal for a Deal – Why Plea Bargains were illegal (and still are)
Over 90% of criminal cases include a plea deal which  are unconstitutional and are illegal.  This results is one of the greatest injustices of the century filling the prisons and denying the accused their constitutional and civil rights such as access to a Jury of their Peers.  Learn the fascinating history on how Judges twisted the constitution in this unprecedented power grab

 Episode 12-13  - Grass Roots Political Change
A two part series .  Tired of do-nothing politicians?  We teach how anyone can organize a core group to help influence a nomination, primary or election.  It is not as hard as you think!   We educate the viewer on little known practices where one or a small group of individuals can make political changes.

Episode 14 – The illegal 500 billion dollar War on Drugs
The entire War on Drugs is unconstitutional and was fabricated by special interests for their financial gain and to keep minorities down.  May have well been called the war on Blacks.  Nixon started the War on Drugs to go after Blacks as he saw them as the enemy of the Nixon White House.  Successive Presidents upped the ante in this thought provoking show.

Episode 15 –  Dothan - Alabama
 How drugs and guns were planted on over 1000 black men and why the Justice System did nothing when informed and why they continue to do nothing about this travesty.  One of our shows where we enlist our viewers to get involved judicially and democratically.

Taking Back Justice Television is in Pre-Production

Taking Back Justice Reality Television Explained

This show is different from the "cop" show you have seen.  Instead of police chasing the "bad guys", this show is about people being abused by the system and documenting successful ways of fighting back or Taking Back Justice.  There is a need for these successful strategies to be exposed, popularized and explained because at its core, it is all about fighting for your constitutional rights and freedoms.

Taking Back Justice

Tentative U.S. Show Schedule

Note:  The order of shows are subject to Change

It belongs to YOU.  Now take it back!

  Episode 16 – The Conviction Factory - The Southern District of New York;  Drew Johnson-Skinner is arguably one of the most corrupt Assistant United States Attorneys 

The problem is that he represents an emerging class of prosecutors who throw the constitution to the wind in their win at any cost crusades.  No evidence, no witnesses, no problem!  We examine a recent Racketeer Influenced Corruption Organization (RICO) Suit against Johnson-Skinner in the Southern District of New York as he is a perfect example how the Judiciary has abandoned, ethics, fairness and the law to create an illegal and highly questionable prosecutions factory. In Production

  Episode 17 – Debtor Prisons in Montgomery Alabama

Although forbidden by the Alabama Constitution, corrupt judges continue to throw people in prisons who cannot pay simple fines.  This from the State that is credited as the birthplace of civil rights.  You will see why Taking Back Justice has sponsored Taking Away Immunity from Judges in the Alabama State House and soon to be other legislatures.You will also see how the people turned the tables on the corrupt judge and Took Back Justice.

Episode 18 – Conspiracy Charges - Why these Unconstitutional and Abused Weapons of Prosecutors need to be Banned

Are you innocent until proven guilty?  Not if you are charged with a conspiracy then you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.  What is worse, the prosecutors have the tools that make it virtually impossible to defend yourself.  One of the reasons America has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world, more per capita that China, Russia, North Korea or Iran.

Episode 19 – Bleed them and Plead them!
Is your Criminal Lawyer your friend?  Not always. Learn how less than 7% Federal Crime Cases go to trial.  What is worse, see the grotesquely high fees charges, often amounting to over $50,000 or more.dollars per hour only to have a lawyer spend a few hours to negotiate a plea deal with a Prosecutor rather than fight.  To add insult to injury, you will rarely if ever get your legal fees back. 

Episode 20 – Breaking Indictments - Intimidation for Incarceration

Indictments are the lynch pin of any case against an accused.  Problem is that most are fraudulent. Most have multiple deficiencies. For instance, the prosecutors stack charges in the indictments in order to terrify and manipulate the accused into a plea.  They then dismiss the bogus charges and enter into a contract based on fraud.  .Taking Back Justice Television exposes numerous ways these Indictments are illegal and often unconstitutional. 

Episode 21 - Entrapment:  Turning Citizens into Criminals for fun and Profit

You get an email.  Naively, you download it.  It is sick.  Child porn.  You delete it.  Too late.  You have committed a felony by downloading and possessing child porn.  Prepare to do time and to have to register as a sex offender and kiss your life goodbye.  You have just became product for system and government officials and contractors will use you to pad their promotions, pensions and increase their budgets.  This episode looks at manufacturing criminals out of law abiding citizens, the most common ways and what you can do about it.

Episode 22 - When Herbal Cures become Drugs;  Big Pharma's war on Natural Cures waged by Prosecutors who rewrite the Law
We look at a case in the Western District of Kentucky where an opportunist Assistant United States Attorney is applying drug legislation to herbal remedies.  By threatening the accused with a long jail term, he hopes to continue the practice of creating new laws by new precedents by breaking the constitution.  This is a case to watch! 
In Pre- Production

Episode 23 - Citizen Controlled Police Commissions; Taking Back Justice!
What do you do when a police commission fails to investigate, discipline or eve fire Police who have been convicted of a criminal offense or breach of regulations?  You create a citizen controlled Police Commission and Take Back Justice.  This show chronicles some of the battle and Victories! 
In Pre- Production