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Court Documents

McConnell successfully pushes Judge Danny Reeves to the U.S. Sentencing Commission where he can bring his loyalties to Big Pharma to Washington

Order Striking Juror's Oath

Dated February 8, 2017

In denying this motion it is clear that Judge Danny C. Reeves side stepped the issue and totally ignored and did not address the original motion.

Post Trial Motions

Mitch McConnell pushed bill to give billions to pharmaceutical companies.  It also weakens regulators and the testing of new drugs

Motion to Compel

Dated June 9. 2016

The New War on Drugs targets Alternative Cures!

Government Colludes with Big Pharma to Suppress Natural Medicines

United States of America v.  Samuel A. Girod

Judge Danny C. Reeves (L)  Denied all motions!  Republican Senator (Big Pharma's Friend) Mitch Mcconnell (R)

Notice of Intent

Dated May 9. 2016

  • A prime example of Legislating from the Bench; A Judge declaring a herb is a drug in order to expand statutes where Congress never intended
  • Folllow the money.  Judge Reeves would not be a Federal Judge from Kentucky without Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell officailly recommending him to President Bush.  Mitch McConnell received the second largest amount of money from Big Pharma than anyone else in the United States Senate.  Mitch McConnell has slipped amendments in funding bills at the last moment to award Billion to the Pharmaceutical industry.  Is Federal Judge Danny C. Reeves a "Politician in Robes"appointed to be in the pocket of Big Pharma out to circumvent congress by criminalizing herbal cures through legal precedents?  We need only follow the money and look at his rulings.
  • Samuel Girod's exact formula is marketed on Amazon.com which is now valued higher than Walmart.  Prosecutors such as Kate Smith never go after companies that can fight but choose the weakest  and most vulnerable and unable to wrongful criminal charges.
  • The far majority of Americans use natural and herbal cures but it Big Pharma has their way with their growing legion of sympathetic Judges they will continue to circumvent your elected lawmakers in Congress and work to outlaw herbal medicines so that Big Pharma is the only game in town.

The Three Day Trial

Sample Letters to your House Member, Senator and President Trump Click Here

Superceding Indictment

Dated February 2, 2017

Criminal Docket for Case

Dated February 16, 2017

Motion to Dismiss and Limine

Dated April 12, 2016

Judge Danny C. Reeves struck this motion writing that the document must have been drafted through the use of a computer word processing program and that someone was preparing filings on the defendants behalf.  This is perfectly legal and ironically, Judges have clerks do exactly the same thing namely having somone prepare filings on the Judge's behalf. 

Why this Case Matters to You!

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In a totally unprecedented move, the court returned this motion unfiled.  This is a must read and when you read it you will see why the court chose to not have this filed.  This will be dealt with shortly.

Why Samuel Girod never stood a chance against a Judge who wanted him Guilty regardless of the law and the facts

The following are but 12 examples of many where Judge Danny C. Reeves placed his thumb on the Scales of Justice during the Girod trial.

1. Judge Danny C. Reeves lied to the Jury about the Jurors Oath.  He led the Jury to believe his Juror's instructions were the law and they had to follow it in order to honor their oath.  This a lie.  It was brought to the attention of Judge Danny C. Reeves on February 8, 2017 in the first pretrial motion filed in 2017 by Samuel Girod.  The motion  informed the judge that the Juror's Oath could not be used to dupe a Jury into believing his instructions were law.  Judge Danny C. Reeves ignored the motion and told the Jury repeatedly that his instructions were law.  This is fraud and fraud nullifies all judgements.  The motion is above. 

2.  Judge Danny C. Reeves  told the jury that herbs were drugs.  This does not make it so!  Herbs are not drugs.  He intentionally lied to mislead the jury. 

3.  The Judge should have recused himself because he was so bias.  He was meticulous in addressing the pretrial motion for 2016 but the ones for 2017 he totally ignored or denied.

4.  Judge Danny C. Reeves ignored the The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 ("DSHEA") which took away the ability of the FDA to regulate herbs, health foods and vitamins because ofr over reaching by the FDA .  They can only regulate  pharmaceuticals.  They still do this by simply getting prosecutors and judges  changing the meanings of words specifically simply calling a "herb" a "drug"..

5.  Judge Danny C. Reeves ignored the Religious  Freedom Restoration Act. The Amish belive as the Bible states that the leaf of the tree should be used for medicine.(Ezekiel 47:12 and other passages).

6.  Judge Danny C. Reeves denied or ignored every pretrial motion that had any merit.  He did not give any reasons for denying the motions which clearly is a Due Process violation.

7.  The misbranding statutes that Samue Girod was convicted on were Void for Vagueness..  A statute has to be written in such a fashion that a man of common understanding or common knowledge can understand it.  If you cannot tell what a statute it allows or prohibits it is deemed to be Void for Vagueness.

8.  Judge Danny C. Reeves allowed Kate E. Smith, the prosecutor to  change the meanings of words in order to indict and prosecute Samual Girod.  Reees allowed the prosecutor to call herbs drugs and thus applying statures that clearly never should have been applied.

9. Judge Danny C. Reeves issued over 50 pages of Jury instructions.  How could any Juror be expected to sort that out?.   The Jurors never spent time in law school there was no way they could have understtood all those instructions.  A trained lawyer could not follow all the instructions. This was donewilfully  to insure a guilty verdict by leading the jury by telling them what to do.  At one time in U.S. History Judges were not allowed to instruct  juries on the law as it was deemed to be "Jury Tampering."

10.  Samuel Girod was given a superceding inductment.  Girod asked for a continuence for at least 30 days in order to address it.  Any Attorney would have been granted this in order to be able to proerly prepare to defend against a new count.  There should have either been a continuence or the new count should have been dismissed.   This is another example of how Judge Reeves set the bar to make it as difficult as possible for Samuel Girod to be acquited.  

11.  There was a number of Abuses of Discretion but probably one of the most egregious was that the the standy counsel for Girod was doing a good job.  Judge Danny C. Reeves decided that the standby cousel could NOT act as co-cousel leaving Samuel Girod representing himself.  There is no statute or case law that says you cannot act as co-cousel.   Judge Danny C. Reeves did this to purposely and wilfuly hamstring Samual Girod, a person without legal training .  The law of discretion is the law of tyrants."The discretion of a Judge is the law of tyrants:  it is always unknown.  It is different in different men.  It is casual, and depends upon constitution, temper, passion.  In the best it is oftentimes caprice; in the worst it is every vice, folly, and passion to which human nature is liable."   Lord Camden, L.C.J., Case of Hindson and Kersey, 8 Howell State Trials 57 (1680).

12.  The herbal remedy that Samuel Girod sold, is also sold by Amazon.com.,  a company that is now valued higher than Walmart.  The  prosecutors choose among the weakest and least able to defend themselves in order to set a precedent and rewrite statutes in a manner that Congress never intended.   Judge Danny C. Reeves did what he could do to justify a guilty verdict by concealing information from hte Jury.  Reeves would not allow the Samuel or standby counsel to inform the Jury that Amazon.com and others were selling an identical formula.

Big Pharma Cashes in with Obamacare

Wants tougher laws for Marijuana yet his in-laws are tied to Cocaine smuggling

This is a must read.  It was apparent at trial why Judge Danny C. Reeves ignored this motion so he could lead the Jury

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Amish farmer Samuel Girod is a father of twelve and grandfather of 27 and if Assistant U.S. Attorney Kate K Smith has her way, he will live out his life in prison for making a herbal skin cream that customers use.  Thanks to the FDA Girod could be facing 68 years in jail for creating natural home made product