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You the people have the power!  Taking Back Reality Television will show you how!

The Solution: 

The founding fathers wanted power to ultimately rest with the people.  The people have the power to put Robert Mueller before a Grand Jury to consider evidence to indict him.  Yes, the powers that be will do everything to thwart the constitution and the will of the people.  But there are remedies in court and remedies with members of congress with guts.

With Congress earning less than a 20% approval rating, the American people want change. They do not like it when people in positions of power break the law and go unpunished.  Taking Back Justice Reality Television is in pre-production of a show that illustrates how the founding fathers of America wanted ordinary people to have the power to bring anyone, regardless of status before a Grand Jury  to see if an indictment was warranted.


1.  Request the U.S. Attorney to convene a Grand Jury to look into potential crimes by Robert Mueller.

2.  Petition a Federal Judge to order the U.S. Attorney to do his job.

3.  Petition the President to remove the U.S. Attorney and/or sue the Judge.

4.  Appeal the case and if not satisfied, sue the appeal court.

5.  Have members of congress call for impeachment of the Judge and Prosecutors.

We will document this all in Taking Back Justice Reality Television.

Investigate Mueller, Comey, Holder & Rosenstein In Uranium Deal!

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The Problem: 

1.  The appointment of Robert Mueller was illegal under the United States Constitution. The Appointments Clause creates a default rule that all officers of the United States are principal officers who must be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate.  It takes affirmative action by passing a statute for Congress to vest in the attorney general the power to appoint an inferior officer to be a special counsel. Since Congress has never passed such a statute, Robert Mueller is not, and cannot be, an inferior officer.  2.  Robert Mueller has many conflicts beyond his close friendship with James Comey.  The Weekly Standard stated "Appellate and constitutional lawyers David B. Rivkin, Jr. and Elizabeth Price Foley recently made a compelling case that the political bias among the FBI agents working on “Crossfire Hurricane” renders illegitimate everything flowing from that investigation. If “Crossfire was politically motivated then its culmination, the appointment of a special counsel, inherited the taint,” Rivkin and Foley wrote in the Wall Street Journal. “All special-counsel activities—investigations, plea deals, subpoenas, reports, indictments and convictions—are fruit of a poisonous tree, byproducts of a violation of due process.” Rivkin and Foley add: “That Mr. Mueller and his staff had nothing to do with Crossfire’s origin offers no cure.”

3.  Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein have both been linked to the Uranium One deal that saw among other things the Russians gain control of 20% of the U.S. Strategic Uranium reserves, Russian money flow into the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton receiving high speaking fees in Russia.  How can Mueller investigate Russian Collusion during the election when he himself may have been complicit with the worst Russian collusion in recent history.

4.  A great argument can be made that Mueller and his team are politically motivated and represents the weaopnization of special counsels to deligitimize a candidate or sitting President  If Mueller succeeds, the same tool will no doubt be turned on the next President and open up a new era where officials that have never been elected or legally appointed hijack the power of the voters and the legislative and the executive branch of government..

In Production; Let's see how far we can get with the U.S. Attorney and the Courts to have Citizen Access to the Federal Grand Jury!

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