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Portugal decriminalized all drugs and the number of addicts and users plummeted.  North America and the rest of the world could learn from their example and treating users and addicts humanely.  Instead of being punished, users are getting helped.  It is called "Harm Reduction" and it is working and not destroying people, families and lives.  The war on drugs has been a total disaster with an often  racist and for profit  agenda  In Portugal 10% is spent on law enforcement and 90% on treatment and rehabilitation.  In America, the numbers are opposite.

An interview with Nicholas Wright of geopoliticalmonitor.com with regards to the 2012 G20 Summit in Toronto

What does it say about our society and the decline of Policing that so many people are more afraid of Police than they are of the Criminals? 

Judges are lawyers.  Prosecutors are lawyers.  Should there be any surprise that lawyers resist suing their own regardless of how egregious and criminal the behavior.  If a lawyer attacks a judge, they may as well tear up their law degree as it is unlikely they will ever win in court again after challenging one of the brethren.  Many criminal lawyers are hesitant to sue the police.  Let's face it.  Arrests, even if they are wrongful are good for business.  Why bite the hand that feeds you.  Not trying to be overly cynical but if you are faces with corruption and you cannot get any remedy from the law societies, police commissions and your own counsel, this is the time many choose to do it on their own. That is why many are forced to represent themselves when no lawyer can be  found to take their case regardless of how good the evidence.  However, there are many lawyers who will sue police and law enforcement officials.